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Averill Park Jr. Warriors

Adopted  April 2019


Article 1 - Organization

Article 1 Section 1

The organization shall be known as the Averill Park Junior Warriors Football Club Incorporated and shall be governed by the rules and regulations established within these By-Laws. Averill Park Junior Warriors Football Club shall also conduct business as Averill Park Jr. Warriors and APJW.

Article 1 Section 2

The mission of the Averill Park Junior Warriors Football Club Incorporated is to foster youth athletic development by promoting sportsmanship, scholastic achievement and safety while providing the fundamentals of football in a supportive environment. 

Article 2 – Membership

Article 2 Section 1

Any person sincerely interested in active participation to achieve the mission of APJW may apply to become a member.  

Article 2 Section 2

There shall be the following classes of Members:

Participant Members – Any participant candidate meeting the requirements set forth in the rules as established by Averill Park Jr Warriors Football Club, and who resides within the authorized boundaries of the Averill Park School District or as ruled qualified by the Executive Board. Participant Members shall not have rights, duties or obligations in the management or property of APJW.

Regular Members – Any person actively interested in furthering the objectives of APJW, and parents or legal guardians, whose children are Participant Members or minor age volunteers.

All Officers, Board Members, Coaches, Commissioners, and other elected or appointed officials are considered active Regular Member and must be in good standing.

As used hereinafter, reference to “Member” shall mean a Regular Member unless otherwise stated.

Article 2 Section 3

A Participant Member in APJW shall be placed at the team level of competition for which he/she qualifies. The Participant Member, with parent or legal guardian approval, may request to advance to a different level of competitiveness. If the teams’ coaches approve the request, then the request shall advance to the Football Coordinator. If the coordinator, coaches or parents, disagree with the determination to advance to a different level of competition, then the issue shall be determined by the President after hearing a presentation by the coordinator, coaches and parents. 

Article 2 Section 4

Prior to the start of each season, the Executive Board shall set the annual dues required to join APJW as a Participant Member.  All Participant Members shall be required to submit their annual dues prior to any active participation in APJW events unless the annual fee is waived by a vote of the Executive Board for instances where annual dues create a financial hardship for the Participant Member.

Article 2 Section 5

Uniform and Equipment  *Amendment 1/1/22*

All uniforms and equipment for both practice and games will be provided by the league.  These will consist of:

·         A Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice Jersey, Game Jersey, Practice Pants and Game Pants for Jr. and Sr. Tackle.  

·         A game jersey, pants and Flags for the Sr. Flag level

·         Game jersey and Flags for Jr. Flag

 All equipment and uniforms provided by the league are to be unaltered without written consent from the APJW Board. 

This includes:

·         Adding or subtracting decals or stickers from the Helmet or Uniform

·         Replacing, or adding an alternate game uniforms (Old Game jerseys can worn as practice jerseys if allowed by the coach)

·         Adding additional Names or Logos to the game uniform 

All equipment and Practice jerseys must be returned to the league and the end of the season.  Any equipment not returned will be charged in full to the Member for replacement. Any member found participating outside of these guidelines will face the repercussions stated above. (See: Section 5 Article 2)

Article 3 - Board of Directors and Officers

Article 3 Section 1

The affairs of the Corporation shall be carried on and managed by its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will act in good faith and in the best interest of the organization, its participants, and its members. 

Article 3 Section 2

The Board of Directors may consist of the following members:   President, Vice President, Football Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising Coordinator, Registration Coordinator, Concession Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Website/Internet Coordinator and any others as deemed necessary. The total membership of the Board of Directors shall not be less than (5) five nor more than (17) seventeen members.

Article 3 Section 3

Election of members of the Board of Directors will be held annually at the end of each season.  Communication will be provided to members in advance of the election announcing the positions, date, time and location of the meeting, encouraging interested members to attend, self-nominate and express their qualifications. The entire outgoing Board of Directors will vote on candidates and inform them of the outcome.  The outcome will be determined by a majority vote. 

Members elected to the Board of Directors will serve for a term of 1 year, starting December 1st, unless they are elected to serve for additional term(s).  Outgoing members of the Board of Directors will be responsible for transitioning responsibilities to their replacement Board member(s). 

Article 3 Section 4

The Executive Board of the Corporation shall be the President, Vice President, Football Coordinator, and Treasurer.  

If any vacancies on the Executive Board occur, a meeting of the Board of Directors will be scheduled, and an election held among the Board of Directors to elect a successor to the vacancy on the Executive Board.  If there are no interested members of the Board of Directors, the President may appoint a member to serve out the remainder of the term.

Article 3 Section 5

The Executive Board of Directors may make rules and establish policies at their discretion, under the advisement of the members of the Board of Directors, which they determine to be necessary to manage the Corporation and its assets and protect the association and the well-being of its Members, participants and volunteers. 

Article 3 Section 6

No member of the Board of Directors, Officer of the Executive Board, or Member of APJW shall receive, directly or indirectly, any salary or compensation from APJW for services rendered as member of the Board of Directors, Officer of the Executive Board, Member or Coach.

Article 3 Section 7

The duties of the Board of Directors are as follows:

President: The President will serve as the Chief Executive Office attending to day to day business concerns of the Corporation and ensures that all policies, procedures and resolutions are followed. He/She will be a member of the Executive Board, have full voting rights and will preside over all Executive Board, Board of Directors and General Membership meetings. The President will have management responsibility over all Executive and Board of Director Members. The President will work with league officials, the school district, and Town officials to secure schedules and venues for games and practices. The President attends league meetings and disseminates information to the entire APJW Board.

Vice President: The Vice President will assist the President in administrative duties, will be a member of the Executive Board, have full voting rights and will have all of the power and responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice President will oversee the execution of all advertising, fundraising, corporate and local sponsorship, and concessions. The Vice President shall execute other duties as assigned by the President.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will be a member of the Executive Board, have full voting rights, have sole care and custody of any and all funds and securities due the Corporation and will deposit all funds and securities in the name of the Corporation in the bank account established for the Corporation. The Treasurer will have the sole responsibility of paying all amounts owed by the Corporation from Corporation funds. The Treasurer will maintain all financial records on behalf of the Corporation and complete necessary regulatory filings. The Treasurer will provide a written summary at scheduled meetings and will provide an annual accounting of the Corporation’s financial position, expenses and income during the term. 

Football Coordinator: The Football Coordinator will be member of the Executive Board, have full voting rights, assume the administrative duties of football teams, including, but not limited to, distributing paperwork to team coaches or team parent volunteers, keeping parents informed of upcoming events, and assisting the head coaches as needed. The Football Coordinator will be responsible for the specifics of the football program and for ensuring that football guidelines and procedures are followed. The Football Coordinator will be responsible for recommending head football coaches and supporting coaching staff to the President for approval. The Football Coordinator maintains the field at practice and alternate game locations. The Football Coordinator is required to attend league meetings.

Secretary: The Secretary will schedule Board Meetings at the direction of the President or majority of the Executive Board, distribute the agenda, take roll call, record, distribute and maintain minutes and record of all meetings and hearings. The Secretary communicates with the members on general matters, drafts press releases and advertisements with the approval of the President, drafts letters and other correspondence on behalf of the Corporation as needed. The Secretary shall report directly to the President. 

Registration Coordinator: Organizes and carries out all registration tasks, including preparing and supplying of all forms required for registration, scheduling and conducting registration events, preparing final team books, and  providing coaches with team rosters. The Registration Coordinator shall report directly to the Vice President.

Concession Coordinator: The Concession Coordinator will handle all purchasing and stocking for readiness to ensure concessions are available at all home football games. The Concession Coordinator will oversee all concessions operations including scheduling of board member opening and closing rotation and coordination of volunteers with team parents. The Concession Coordinator will communicate with the Averill Park High School Booster Club Concession Director regarding any concerns involving supplies and shared equipment. The Concession Coordinator shall report directly to the Treasurer.

Fundraising Coordinator:  The Fundraising Coordinator will organize and implement programs to raise money for the Corporation with Executive Board approval and will report on progress. The Fundraising Coordinator shall communicate with Members about fundraising events. The Fundraising Coordinating shall report directly to the Vice President.

Equipment Coordinator:  The Equipment Coordinator will have the responsibility of distributing, inventorying, maintaining and collecting all football equipment. The Equipment Coordinator will have the responsibility of storing and retrieving all football equipment and determining and fulfilling equipment needs by working with the President, Football Coordinator. The Equipment Coordinator shall report directly to the Football Coordinator.

Internet Coordinator:  The Website Coordinator will maintain information on the APJW website including but not limited to content, forms, links and on-line registration if utilized by the association. The Internet Coordinator may establish social media page(s), subject to approval of the President, and will be responsible for monitoring posts for appropriateness and raising any concerns to the Executive Board. The Internet Coordinator shall report directly to the President.

Risk Management Officer: The Risk Management Officer (RMO) shall execute Coaches Safety Training, maintaining required insurance policies, mitigating legal exposure, and check member consent forms to ensure compliance. Additionally, the RMO will routinely check state and local Department of Health guidelines for league safety and preparedness. The RMO will advise and update the board as necessary. The RMO is responsible for executing background checks for and determining if volunteers are cleared to serve the Corporation based on the data received. 

Committee Members: The remaining board positions shall consist of general Committee Members and will serve to assist the other Board Members in carrying out their duties as and where needed.  

Article 3 Section 8

All members of the Board of Directors are required to attend at least 75 percent of all regularly scheduled meetings to remain in good standing.

Article 4 - Meetings

Article 4 Section 1

The President must be in attendance at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. Unless the Executive Board is notified and able to attend.

A majority of the total number of members of the Board of Directors then in office shall constitute a quorum for the transactional business. A vacant or unfilled position on the Board of Directors shall not be counted in arriving at a quorum for the conduct of association business. Decisions relative to elections and amending the Constitution and By-Laws require a majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors who are present.  

For Executive Board sessions, a majority of the total number of members of the Executive Board then in office shall constitute a quorum. A vacant or unfilled Executive Board position shall not be counted in arriving at a quorum for the conduct of association business. Decisions of the Executive Board require a majority vote of those present. 

In the event of a tie vote on matters before the Board of Directors or the Executive Board, the President shall make the deciding vote. 

Article 4 Section 2 

The President, or a majority of the Executive Board members, may call a special meeting of the Executive Board. Notice of each special meeting must be provided to all of the Executive Board members.  

Article 4 Section 3

Meetings will be monthly or as frequently as needed during the regular season and every other month or as needed during the off season, but not less than one annual organizational meeting. Meeting can be held in-person or virtually based on the needs of the board. An agenda, date, time and location will be determined and communicated to members of the Board of Directors prior to the meeting.

Executive Board members will vote on decisions with input from the entire Board of Directors as needed and at the discretion of the President or the majority of the Executive Board. Minutes will be documented and distributed to Board Members for review and approval or revision.

Article 4 Section 4

A decision by the President can be appealed. Appeals will be directed to the Executive Board, shall be in writing and provide additional information as deemed appropriate. Rights of due process including providing oral or written correspondence or testimony, appearance before the Executive Board or offering witness correspondence or testimony is preserved in full but, must be germane to the subject of the appeal. Decisions by the Executive Board require a majority vote of those present.

Article 5 – Suspension or Termination of Membership

Article 5 Section 1

Membership may be terminated by resignation or action of the Executive Board during an Executive Board session. 

Article 5 Section 2

The Executive Board, by a majority vote of those present at any duly constituted Executive Board session, shall have the authority to discipline, suspend or terminate the membership of any Member, of any class, when the conduct of such person is considered detrimental to the best interests of the APJW, or is in violation of the applicable Code of Conduct, or policies as outlined by Risk Management or any other official rules.

Any Member whose actions are deemed to be detrimental to APJW shall be notified of the specific nature of the complaint and be given an opportunity to appear at a meeting of the Executive Board to answer such complaint.  Rights of due process, including the ability to provide oral or written correspondence, testimony or offer witness correspondence or testimony, is preserved in full, however, must be germane to the subject of the complaint.

Thereafter, the Executive Board will impose a sanction as they deem appropriate.  

The Executive Board may hold the meeting in absentia should Members fail to appear before the Executive Board at the scheduled date and time. 

Article 5 Section 3

In the case of a Participant Member, the Executive Board shall provide notice to the parents or legal guardians and the Head Coach of the team of which the participant is a Member. The parents or legal guardians and Head Coach shall appear, in the capacity of an adviser, with the Participant Member before the Executive Board, who will have the full power to suspend or revoke such Participant Member’s right to future participation.

Article 5 Section 4

Disputes will be addressed by the Executive Board and will be handled in attempt to resolve situations amicably and in the best interest of the Corporation and its Members in connection with the Code of Conduct, policies as outlined by the Risk Management Officer or any other official rules.

Article 5 – Section 5

All APJW members must be inside the APCSD unless otherwise granted by the APJW Board of directors. All members inside the APCSD are required to participate with the league provided by APJW. Any members who want to participate in any football program outside of APJW during the fall season must give notice and receive permission in writing from the APJW Executive Board.

These members can request a Release/Transfer form from the President of APJW. Release/Transfer forms can be requested once registration formally opens but, will not be granted after Registration has closed for the fall season that year. A Release/Transfer form applies to all members of that immediate family (ie. Player, Parents and Siblings). All requests will be reviewed and decided upon on an individual basis by the Executive Board. A filed request form is not a release from APJW. APJW reserves the right to grant or deny all requests of release/transfer. If released APJW is not required to provide equipment nor insurance for the departing members or their families. This form will have to be requested every Youth Football season. Any member found participating outside of these guidelines will face the repercussions stated above. (See: Section 5 Article 2)

When the Members would like to return to APJW: a request in writing must be submitting the Executive Board. The Executive board will hold a hearing. (Section 5 Article 2)


Article 6 – Summary Authority

Article 6 Section 1

Summary Authority is to be applied in all cases where quick action is needed to stop, alter, change, or otherwise modify a condition that cannot be allowed to continue until a hearing is held. This may involve the threat to the safety and well-being of Participant Members, an obvious violation of league rules, or anything that adversely affects the image and good name of APJW or the community.

Article 6 Section 2

Summary Authority may be exercised by members of the Executive Board or members of the Board of Directors. When the President is present, he/she shall execute Summary Authority.  In his/her absence, summary authority shall be exercised in the following order: Vice President, Football Coordinator, Treasurer or member of the Board of Directors.   

Article 6 Section 3

The Powers of Summary Authority include, but are not limited to, ordering a game or practice stopped, or the immediate suspension of any adult or participant deemed to be the cause of a problem. Summary Authority is to be used with the utmost caution and in no case does it substitute for final action. The Executive Board must schedule an Executive Board session as soon as practical to arrive at a final disposition in the case.

Article 7 – Selection of Coaching Staff

Article 7 Section 1

Head Football Coaches will be annually recommended by the Football Coordinator and approved by the President no later than 60 days from the start of the season.

Article 7 Section 3

Assistants to Head Coaches will be selected by the Head Coach and approved by the President no later than 30 days from the start of the season.

Article 7 Section 4

All coaching appointments will begin when confirmed by the President and Football Coordinator. All coaching appointments will end at the annual banquet.

Article 7 Section 5

All Head Coaches and/or coordinators are responsible for the conduct of their associates, assistants, players and parents on the playing field and practice field.

Article 8 - Insurance and Bonding

Article 8 Section 1

Insurance shall be obtained in order to insure the Board of Directors of personal liability relative to the conduct or actions taken in the exercise of their duties as board members.

Article 9 – Amendments 

Article 9 Section 1

This Constitution and By-Laws and any additional official policies or rules will be reviewed annually by current Executive Board Members and amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part as needed with a majority vote of the currently elected members of the Board of Directors.

Article 10 – Dissolution

Article 10 Section 1

Upon the dissolution of APJW, the Board of Directors shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the liabilities of the organization, direct the remaining property of APJW to another Federally Incorporated entity, which maintains the same objectives as set forth herein that are or may be entitled to exemption under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any future corresponding provision.



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